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"Some say thaaat GOD works in mysterious wayzz - I say the artist work in mysterious ways"
- An2n Heimdal

Cover of the day contest:

Beasty Beeks: 2Pac - Trapped 12"

Bellaoui: The Band - Music from big pink

Hunnerkongen: Paul Parrish - The forest of my mind

Buddy Miles - All the faces


Cody Chesnutt - Brother with an ego
Black Sheep - H.A.A. (Here´s another asshole)
The Dells - Loves is blue
snak snak snak tale
Freddie Cole - Brother where are you?
The Futures - Ain't got time for nothing
Syl Johnson - Concrete Reservation
snik snak snude snak mere tale
Mantle-Piece - The Crosswords and the safety pins
bob dylan - do right to me baby
Paul parrish - English Sparrows
Les Mogul - Ilgaz
Congres alley - congress alley
Yellow man - no body move no body get hurt
Joe cocker - woman to woman
2pac amaru shakur - trapped
Okay Temiz - Penguin
Wu Tang Clan Can it be all so simple
Black Spirits - Imamu Amiri Baraka "Black Jive"
De la SåvL - Talkingaboutheyluv
Amanda Ambrose - Daytripper
Monnette Sudler - Time for a change
Buddy Miles - I'm just a kiss away
Nina simone - sealion (feat. pladevennerne)
Jorge ben - chove chuva
Jan Bradley - Please mr. Deeee jayy
slim harpo - tee ni nee ni nu
Esprit De Corps - If
Lamont Dozier - Why can't we be lovers
taj mahal - corrina
the band - the weight
snak snak talky talk sniksnak om cody chessnutt og hans homie hip-hop-uglen
Cody Chesnutt - can we teach

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